Lost in the Bewilderness

a film by Alexandra Anthony


“A truly independent filmmaker.” – Akis Kapranos, Ta Nea

Alexandra Anthony is an award-winning filmmaker who directs, shoots, edits, writes, and narrates her own work.

LOST IN THE BEWILDERNESS is the second in a trilogy of non-fiction films – intergenerational family stories which center on young protagonists caught between two cultures, between youth and adulthood, and at a crossroad in their life. The first of these, YAYA, was completed in 1984, and was shown in festivals internationally. The third film, THREE POMEGRANATE SEEDS, will soon be in post-production. Anthony is particularly intrigued by the parallels of these contemporary stories with Greek myth and tragedy.

Anthony’s first documentary film, MORNING BORN BLINDLY, in 1977, was part of her post-graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studied filmmaking with Richard Leacock and Ed Pincus. A twenty-minute documentary about a blind couple having their third child at home with the help of lay midwives, it won top awards at the Ann Arbor and Toronto Super-8 Film Festivals. In 1984, Anthony completed YAYA, a 50-minute documentary about her Greek relatives living in Shreveport, LA. The film won the Golden Athena Award for Best Biographical/Autobiographical Documentary at the Athens International Film Festival in Athens, OH, and an Honorable Mention at the New England Film Festival. YAYA screened at the First Annual Documentary Film Festival in Hong Kong and at the Second Annual Boston Independent Film Festival, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Worcester, MA, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, and the NYC Public Library. It was broadcast on SWAMP (Southwest Alternate Media Project) in Houston, TX, in 1984. Anthony’s next project, GREEK CELEBRATIONS, a series of three films exploring dying musical traditions on the mainland and islands of Greece, premiered at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. It has toured extensively in Greek-American communities throughout the U.S. In 2000, she made ATRIUM VOICES, a feature-length documentary chronicling a year in the life of the Atrium School – a progressive elementary school in Watertown, MA.

Anthony was also an editor for over twenty years for PBS’s award-winning series NOVA, FRONTLINE, and numerous specials for national and international broadcast. Her work earned an Emmy Award in 1994 for NOVA’s The Secret of the Wild Child, an Emmy nomination for Brain Transplant in 1993, a Peabody Award for The Machine That Changed The World in 1992, an Emmy in 1984 for AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE’s Concealed Enemies for supervising sound editor, and in 1985, an Emmy for Aids: Chapter One on which she was the sound recordist. Among the highlights of her freelance sound recording work were working in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Mongolia.

Anthony currently teaches filmmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, R.I.



  • THREE POMEGRANATE SEEDS (work-in-progress)
  • ATRIUM VOICES (2000)
  • GREEK CELEBRATIONS: Amarantos (1985)
  • GREEK CELEBRATIONS: Agrapha (1985)
  • GREEK CELEBRATIONS: Aspasia (1985)
  • YAYA (1984)


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